Your Personal Training VOD Service: Making it Work

Personal Training VOD Service
by James Ruhle
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We Breakdown Personal Training VOD Service:

Personal fitness trainers have always been limited by the number of hours in the day. Typically, they’ll rise before the dawn to meet their first client at 5:30, train a couple of clients before the workday kicks in, then have a relatively light day until the afternoon, where they’ll get three or four clients stretching into the late evening. The rapid advance in technology has the potential to revolutionize that long, limited pattern, freeing up both time and effort.

By embracing Video on Demand (VOD) as a platform to share their services with a far wider client market, personal trainers can dramatically increase their revenue while actually reducing their workload.

Let’s investigate just how a personal training VOD service can work for you . . .

  • You create a series of personal training videos that provide high quality content to your viewer.
  • You use a VOD service like to upload your videos to your domain on either a subscription basis or on a per video rental basis.
  • You offer your clients additional services, such as live video, phone consultations and classes, all seamlessly integrated into your website.
  • You set your own pricing, set the duration of live and recorded videos and set how many listings you want to offer in your store.

As a certified personal trainer you have got skills that are needed by a growing segment of the community. More and more people are seeking qualified experts to help them to reclaim their bodies, build muscle and get in top shape. Offering your services face-to-face is great, but, for many people, it is simply too expensive.

For you, time limits you to only seeing so many clients in a day. Yet, by creating your own, professionally developed video training sessions you’ll be able to offer your expertise to a far wider market – in fact, a global market. No longer will you be limited by the 3 key drawbacks which stop 90% of personal trainers making a successful living . . .

  • Limited hours in the day
  • Limited geography
  • Excessive cost

With a personal training VOD service you are able to offer your training service to a broad spectrum of clients at the same time. Breaking beyond the one-to-one ratio will allow you the potential to offer a global clientele your services. You’ll also be opening up your services to a much broader market by providing training videos at a fraction of the cost of one to one sessions.

A personal training VOD service is far more user friendly for the client, opening up the opportunity to workout wherever they are, at whatever time is convenient to them any time. Studies also reveal that self efficacy and training consistency are increased with VOD workouts.  Of course, the lower price point that VOD allows also opens up your business to an entire new market who have been previously found personal training to be price prohibitive. For VOD to work for you, however, you need to be able to attract clientele. Here are 5 surefire ways to generate a steady stream of potential clients to your personal training VOD service.

Key Strategy No.1: Specialise on a Niche Market

The VOD training service opens up the training world to a potential client. They can now search the globe for a trainer with the specific skill set to match their specific needs. As a trainer that affords you the opportunity to differentiate yourself by specialising in a niche market.

Why be just another all round trainer when you can establish yourself as the industry leader in a specific area of training? Maybe you’ve got a background in rugby. Set yourself up as an elite rugby strength and conditioning coach. There are hundreds of personal trainers out there, but how many are specifically focused on rugby – a game with a huge worldwide player base? Establish yourself as the expert in this niche and you will have a lucrative corner of the market all to yourself.

Key Strategy No. 2: Promote Your Uniqueness

When a potential client googles VOD personal trainers, what is going make them pause and check you out? What have you got that’s different, unique or special? Grab a pen right now and list three things that you’ve got that are points of difference. Then rewrite each one as a benefit for the client. You also need to make effective use of client testimonials that are directly relatable to your target niche. Display them prominently on your website, ideally in the form of short video clips.

Key Strategy No. 3:  Give Away Something of Value

Once you’ve drawn a potential client to your website, you have got to provide him with a compulsion to take the next step. The incentive to do so should be in the form of an information product that he will find simply irresistible. If you are establishing yourself as a basketball trainer, for example, giving away a  training program called “How To Power Dunk in 6 Weeks” will generate a whole lot of clicks. If that course contains the goods, you will establish credibility in the mind of the reader. He’ll be eager to see what else you can do to help him.

Key Strategy No. 4: Viral Marketing

Personal Training VOD Service TechDevelop a guerilla marketing mindset. Hook into all of the social media platforms that are out there. Hone in on your market niche and spread the word that you are the go to personal trainer for that area of training. Offer training advice and tips through social media outlets.

Provide free seminars, do guest blogs and webinairs. Contact everyone involved in the niche area that you can think of, offering them something of value for free. Set up fun and engaging online contests, making them as interactive as possible. For example, if you have given away the Power Dunk course, invite subscribers to post a video of themselves dunking a ball on completion of the course. Give away a 12 month training package to the best one.

Key Strategy No. 5: Give Away the First Workout Free of Charge

New clients will naturally be unsure about whether you will be a good fit for them. So, take away that uncertainty by providing the first session free of charge. Then make sure that your initial video rocks their world. Give them more than they expected. Cram it with practical tips and advice that will get them raving about you and your service. Start the client on a process that they will be excited about. Get them taking the first step on a journey that will take them to their destination faster, more effectively, and with more fun, than anything they’ve come across before. Do it well and the client will be signing on a for a full package before the sweat dries.

Key strategy No. 6: Recommend products that you can get a commission off of

Every personal trainer has a list of products they love to work with, and each of those products will typically be interested in some sort of partnership or commission based structure. Reach out to your favorite products and ask what type of deals they can set up with personal trainers. You can recommend at home workout gear, protein supplements, and even fashion accessories if you think your clientele might like that.

Bringing It Together

The best VOD service in the world is only as good as the platform that supports it. There is nothing worse than putting in all of the work to create an on point service only to be let down by technology. Your VOD platform must be professional and reliable. Fortunately, there are a number of professional VOD services that have proven themselves already in the personal training space. Here are three of the best . . .

Click on over to find  a VOD provider who can get you – and your clients – moving ahead.

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