5 Benefits of Online Fitness Training

5 Benefits of Online Fitness Training
by Darren Craven
Fitness coach at Amaven

Online Fitness Training: Get started!

The personal training industry is transforming; many trainers are abandoning gym and leisure centers altogether and embarking on a brand new business model.

Instead of working with clients face-to-face and charging for individual sessions, there is a new wave of PTs who are opting to take their services online through remote or online fitness training like PulseHIIT on demand HIIT workouts. Remote sessions are carried out via mobile devices and laptops, often over Skype or an alternative programmer.

Trainers still provide clients with visual and verbal guidance, without having to be in the same room, or even country, as them. That’s the beauty of remote fitness training – it can be performed from anywhere in the world, providing there is a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Some trainers are eliminating meeting clients in person in favor of a completely remote service, while others are opting to meet with clients once a month for a regular fitness assessment and the opportunity to provide feedback and discuss exercise schedules.

Remote or online fitness training is a fantastic opportunity for the right trainer, but is it right for you?


Being a remote or online fitness trainer provides you with unrivaled freedom, the majority of self-employed PTs are used to abiding by the rules of whichever club they are working in, but If you’re a remote online trainer, the ball really is in your court. You ultimately decide how many hours you want to work and how many clients you can fit into your schedule. Additionally, by removing location from the equation, you don’t have to do shifts at the gym to pay for your expenses.

Time efficient

As remote training is carried out on a device, both parties can benefit from sessions in the comfort of their homes. You may also be surprised with the amount of time saved from not travelling to meet clients. Plus, your sessions will be far more efficient as there are less distractions compared to the gym environment.

Cost effective

For personal trainers, one of the biggest benefits of remote fitness training is the fact that you can say goodbye to expensive gym fees. This is a bonus for you and your clients, who may not be able to afford a gym membership let alone a PT. As you’ll be working from home, you can also reduce your travelling costs. All you’ll need is a good quality camera or device to speak to your clients and a reliable internet connection.

A steady income

5 Benefits of Online Fitness Training 2A remote service allows you to sell your services as a subscription rather than charging clients per session. You may hold a Skype support session once or twice a month, but then let the clients follow the exercise plan in their own time. Charging a low cost subscriptions service is much more profitable for personal trainers in the long run, as more clients will opt in as it is less of a financial commitment. It also encourages them to stay with you for longer, rather than staying for the few sessions that they can afford.

Less competition

Remote or online fitness training is a relatively new concept and one of the best things about becoming an early adopter is that you have far less competition compared to traditional PTs. The right marketing approach will help you enlist a huge database of clients and you’ll actually have the time to see them now.  You are offering clients something unique, accessible and sustainable, why would they choose anything else?

Maximizes client reach

It’s a fact that some people just don’t like going to the gym; they might feel self-conscious, don’t have enough time, can’t afford it, or they just don’t like exercising around other people. The standard PT business model would stop you from even reaching out to these people, but remote training allows you to work with them. Make a good online impression with a professional website and social media platforms that represent your skills, so clients can easily find you and book your services.


Remote fitness training enables you to get back to basics and do what you love best – helping people get fit and healthy. You don’t have to worry about finding the right gym to work in, or directly compete with other trainers; you have the time to upskill and educate yourself so you can become a more successful trainer.

Take time to consider

As you can see, becoming a remote personal trainer is highly advantageous. If this sounds like the right direction for you then it’s important to take time to consider the logistics of how it will work for your business.

A good suggestion before you make the move is to trial it with one client first, then slowly integrate the rest into the new training approach. It goes without saying, but make sure they are happy to switch to this kind of training first and pick someone who would be a good candidate.

Author Bio
Darren picsDarren Craven is a fitness coach at Amaven, he has successfully trained a variety of clients online aswell as running his own Warrior Fitness bootcamps.