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personal trainer tips

Personal Trainer Tips to Implement Today!

Becoming a personal trainer is one of the most rewarding careers available because it literally helps you change your clients lives! That should be ALMOST enough reward in itself to become a personal trainer, right?

The good personal trainers out there are the ones that help their clients get results. These results don’t have to happen after the first 3 sessions – they can take months to achieve correctly. But what are some tips you can employ from the get-go to help you become a better personal trainer? What are some personal trainer tips you can implement? We break down our foundational 5 personal trainer tips to help you get started:

Be Preventative

If you want your clients to be get results in the long run (and trust you in general) you better keep them healthy. What we mean by this, is make sure to prevent injuries by always paying close attention to form. Just looking away for a few reps can result in sloppy form which can cause an injury. An injury can set your client back months or make them quit altogether.

Stress Patience

When many people hire a personal trainer they think it’s going to be easy. The weight will just fall off because my trainer is a guru, but that’s definitely not true. While you can help them lose weight quicker, if you do it correctly (not starving them or over-training) it will still take time. Make sure they realize this and make sure they are truly committed to their goals!

Be Involved

Once your client heads out the door doesn’t mean that will be the last time you see or talk to them until the next session. The good trainers are involved and are actually friends with their clients. When you build friendship and trust with your clients you are truly committed to their success. Plus, just dropping them a note or text to help them stay motivated on the weekend is a great way to keep the success rolling!

Make It Fun

Yeah, I’d definitely want to come to an exercise session if it was nothing but commands and doing mountain climbers the entire time… not! Make the sessions fun, change it up, keep the client motivated! Make exercise fun (to an extent) and they will continue to come back for more!


Have you ever been in a gym and seen a trainer gazing off into the distance while their client is going through the reps? This happens more then you think and is a sign of a bad or just distracted trainer. We all have a bunch of stuff on our minds but make sure to focus on your client for the entire session. They paid their hard-earned money for your focus so they deserve it!


There you have it – our top 5 personal trainer tips to live by! Focus, prevent, stress patience, get involved and just be fun! Combine these 5 personal trainer tips and you will be a great personal trainer!

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