10 Tips for the Personal Trainer Multiple Choice Exam

Some people are great test-takers and can recall everything they studied. Other people have great memories but panic during tests and freeze up! Don’t let this happen to you, use some of these Personal Trainer certification exam tips to help you pass your multiple choice exam!

  1. Read instructions carefully – This is a simple but invaluable tip. Are they looking for the only incorrect answer? Do they want the best two answers? Make sure you know what you are supposed to be answering.
  2. Slow and steady wins the race – For many of the tests you have an extended period of time to finish it, anywhere from 1 ½ to 3 hours! Take your time and do your best work.
  3. Answer the ones you know first – We find it helpful to go through the test and answer the ones you know right off the bat, skipping any that you have doubt about. You can go back through and take more time on the questions you have any doubt about.
  4. Analyze don’t skim – Read each question carefully! Like reading the instructions carefully, the questions can be different throughout the exam as well. In many instances the answer to the question may be hidden in the wording of the question itself.
  5. Answer the ones burnt into your memory – If you know you struggle with a section and have been studying it religiously, hit that section first! This will put your mind at ease getting over your supposed “hardest” section. Then go through and answer the easy questions.COCOEN
  6. Eliminate the wrong answers – When answering questions you may not know, go through and eliminate any answers that are obviously wrong. This can greatly increase your chances of guessing the right answer, if it comes down to that.
  7. Answer everything – You aren’t penalized for guessing, so you might as well answer every question. At least you will have a shot of getting it correct.
  8. Forgot an answer? Move on, it will come back to you – If you are skimming through a test and come across a question you know but your brain freezes, forget about it and move one. Answering other questions could jog your memory in regards to that question at which point you can go back and answer it. Also other questions on the exam might actually include the answer to the question you are having a hard time on!
  9. If you don’t know an answer, use your best judgment – After you have eliminated all the obviously wrong answers and are down to a couple answers that could be correct, use your best judgment and make an educated guess.
  10. If you have extra time, double check your answers – If you breeze through the test and have extra time, go through and double or triple check each answer. This could save you from getting a couple question wrong that you either marked wrong or just flat out screwed-up on.

Image Credit: COCOEN on Flickr

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