Personal Trainer Jobs: Finding Your First

When it comes to personal trainer jobs it can be relatively straight forward. You can either decide to be an independent contractor so to speak where you are your own company in which you decide your rates and where you train. This can either be at home training or you can work a deal out with a local gym (in exchange for a fee) to use their facilities.  You find more about becoming a independent personal trainer HERE.

personal trainer jobs

You can also start to cultivate your writing career with your experience. Many blogs accept articles from respected, credible trainers.

The majority of the personal trainers jobs out there are where you work at a gym (there are hundreds of other options as well but these are the typical personal trainer jobs). The beauty of working at a gym is that you don’t necessarily have to start from scratch and get your own clients. You also don’t have to furnish the equipment either buy may still want to get insured (especially if you are an independent trainer).

If you want to work for a local gym, one way to simply enter your zip code in our easy to use Personal Trainer Job page and you will get a ton of results of jobs near you! Another way to find a job is to contact the gyms or fitness clubs in your area and simply ask them if they have an openings available.

There are so many personal trainer jobs out there that the sky is the limit. Start small and build your way up to a great career by becoming a personal trainer.

Once again check out our personal trainer jobs page!

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