Personal Trainer Certification Goals

Why do companies make business plans? Is it because they are bored and like to over-delegate? No, they make them because they work and give the company something to shoot for. They are the GPS coordinates the company follows to get where it wants to be. When trying to achieve your goal of becoming a certified personal trainer and getting your personal trainer certification you could take a page from these large companies business plans.

personal trainer certification - becoming a personal trainer

1. Envision where you want to be – You want to be a personal trainer right? But what personal trainer certification should you get? Does a specific gym you want to work at only take certain certifications? Take all of this information into mind when setting your certification goals

2. How do I get there – Be sure to know the requirements for your specific program you want to take. Does it require CPR/AED certification? Do you want to do a 3-4 day live course of a self-paced course? Think of these things and be sure to implement them before you take your actual personal trainer course.

3. What’s the time frame – Remember that you can either take a 3-4 day live course which requires some studying before hand or you can get an exam voucher for as long as 12 months. It all depends on how fast you want to get certified or how quick you can pick the information up. Do you have a spot on a gym staff and need to be certified more quickly?

4. What are the costs – Will you need all the study materials or just some for your personal trainer certification? How much is the exam? How much is the overall course? How much is the CPR/AED certification? Take these things into mind when setting your certification goals. You may need to save-up for an extended period of time before starting a program.

Take these 4 tips into consideration when picking your personal trainer certification. What, how, time, and cost all need to be taken into consideration when setting your goals!

Image Credit: plantoo47 on flickr

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