Choosing A Personal Trainer Certification

Personal Trainer Certification – Kind of a BIG Deal!

One of the hardest parts about becoming a personal trainer is deciding which organization to get certified through. Basically where do you want to get your personal trainer certification? This can be completely confusing because there are so many organizations. Check out our Organization Center for a breakdown of our 13 recommended organizations!

Personal trainer certificationWhen choosing a personal trainer certification it’s important to ask yourself these six questions:

1. How much time to do I have to get certified?

Organizations offer a number of different options for getting certified; from a 3-4 day workshop to a self-paced study course in which you can get a year long exam voucher. Set a time frame for yourself and go from there.

2. Which program fits into my budget?

Organizations offer a variety of programs and study material options that can cost anywhere from $300-$400 all the way up to $2,000. Many times you can get an exam voucher and amazing study materials (or a live course and study materials) for $500-$600.

3. Is it an certification accepted by all gyms?

Of course, you want an accredited organization that is accepted by any gym you try to get employed at! Make sure the program you choose has been accredited and is accepted everywhere.

4. Do I want to take a live workshop or do a self-paced study?

There are many benefits to both. For one, a live workshop is great because it allows you to get all of the information in a couple of days and get the course and exam over with. You also get the chance to discuss and review the exam with an instructor face-to-face. On the other hand you usually have to travel and a large amount of information is dumped on you rather quickly.

Self-paced online courses or physical studying materials can be quite handy as well. They allow you to work at your own pace and usually offer the ability to call or email staff with any questions you have. The problems with self-paced courses are procrastination and not being able to discuss and review the exam face-to-face with a professional.

5. If I want to do a live workshop, which organization’s classes are offered close-by?

If you want do a live workshop make sure there is a course occurring close-by. Find out which organization you want to go through that offers live workshops and check when the upcoming ones are and where they are. Workshops are offered at many different locations, so time it to where you can sign-up, study up. and be ready for a workshop when it is offered close-by. This will save you traveling time as you get your personal trainer certification!

6. How long until I have to get re-certified?

If re-certification is of concern to you, check to see how long each organization gives you until you need to be re-certified. This is normally around 2 years but can be anywhere from 6 months to 4 years.


Becoming a personal trainer and getting a personal trainer certification is one of the most rewarding decisions you can make! Your personal trainer certification will be your ticket to starting your own business or working at your favorite gym and changing lives! Let us know if there is anyway we can help you choose your personal trainer certification!

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