5 Benefits of Online Fitness Training

5 Benefits of Online Fitness Training
by Darren Craven
Fitness coach at Amaven

Online Fitness Training: Get started!

The personal training industry is transforming; many trainers are abandoning gym and leisure centers altogether and embarking on a brand new business model.

Instead of working with clients face-to-face and charging for individual sessions, there is a new wave of PTs who are opting to take their services online through remote or online fitness training like PulseHIIT on demand HIIT workouts. Remote sessions are carried out via mobile devices and laptops, often over Skype or an alternative programmer.

Trainers still provide clients with visual and verbal guidance, without having to be in the same room, or even country, as them. That’s the beauty of remote fitness training – it can be performed from anywhere in the world, providing there is a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Some trainers are eliminating meeting clients in person in favor of a completely remote service, while others are opting to meet with clients once a month for a regular fitness assessment and the opportunity to provide feedback and discuss exercise schedules.

Remote or online fitness training is a fantastic opportunity for the right trainer, but is it right for you?


Being a remote or online fitness trainer provides you with unrivaled freedom, the majority of self-employed PTs are used to abiding by the rules of whichever club they are working in, but If you’re a remote online trainer, the ball really is in your court. You ultimately decide how many hours you want to work and how many clients you can fit into your schedule. Additionally, by removing location from the equation, you don’t have to do shifts at the gym to pay for your expenses.

Time efficient

As remote training is carried out on a device, both parties can benefit from sessions in the comfort of their homes. You may also be surprised with the amount of time saved from not travelling to meet clients. Plus, your sessions will be far more efficient as there are less distractions compared to the gym environment.

Cost effective

For personal trainers, one of the biggest benefits of remote fitness training is the fact that you can say goodbye to expensive gym fees. This is a bonus for you and your clients, who may not be able to afford a gym membership let alone a PT. As you’ll be working from home, you can also reduce your travelling costs. All you’ll need is a good quality camera or device to speak to your clients and a reliable internet connection.

A steady income

5 Benefits of Online Fitness Training 2A remote service allows you to sell your services as a subscription rather than charging clients per session. You may hold a Skype support session once or twice a month, but then let the clients follow the exercise plan in their own time. Charging a low cost subscriptions service is much more profitable for personal trainers in the long run, as more clients will opt in as it is less of a financial commitment. It also encourages them to stay with you for longer, rather than staying for the few sessions that they can afford.

Less competition

Remote or online fitness training is a relatively new concept and one of the best things about becoming an early adopter is that you have far less competition compared to traditional PTs. The right marketing approach will help you enlist a huge database of clients and you’ll actually have the time to see them now.  You are offering clients something unique, accessible and sustainable, why would they choose anything else?

Maximizes client reach

It’s a fact that some people just don’t like going to the gym; they might feel self-conscious, don’t have enough time, can’t afford it, or they just don’t like exercising around other people. The standard PT business model would stop you from even reaching out to these people, but remote training allows you to work with them. Make a good online impression with a professional website and social media platforms that represent your skills, so clients can easily find you and book your services.


Remote fitness training enables you to get back to basics and do what you love best – helping people get fit and healthy. You don’t have to worry about finding the right gym to work in, or directly compete with other trainers; you have the time to upskill and educate yourself so you can become a more successful trainer.

Take time to consider

As you can see, becoming a remote personal trainer is highly advantageous. If this sounds like the right direction for you then it’s important to take time to consider the logistics of how it will work for your business.

A good suggestion before you make the move is to trial it with one client first, then slowly integrate the rest into the new training approach. It goes without saying, but make sure they are happy to switch to this kind of training first and pick someone who would be a good candidate.

Author Bio
Darren picsDarren Craven is a fitness coach at Amaven, he has successfully trained a variety of clients online aswell as running his own Warrior Fitness bootcamps.

Trainer Tip: 5 tips to help clients set fitness goals

Trainer Tipby Sam Greenwood
Founder of Amaven, online platform that helps personal trainers

Trainer Tip: Setting your client up for success!

Take a minute to scroll through social media, or whip open a fitness magazine, and you’ll be overwhelmed by lean, slender, and toned physiques. That’s because they are filled with fitness models; professionals whose salary depends on how strong their six pack game is.

We know this, and your trainer friends know this, but the problem is your brand new client doesn’t. They sign up to your services with the sincere hope that in a few months’ time, they too could be mistaken for someone who regularly graces the cover of Muscle & Fitness – only covered in less baby oil.

Building a strong and muscular physique takes years of dedication, commitment and hard-core training, and it certainly won’t happen overnight.  The question is, how do you manage your brand new client’s expectations? You don’t want to dishearten them from the beginning, because it might encourage them to give up completely, or switch to a trainer who will tell them what they want to hear.

Here are a few simple rules that you should follow to make sure your clients are striving for progress and not perfection.

Trainer Tip #1: Learn client goals from the start

Ask potential clients what they want to achieve from the outset, not a few sessions in. This will protect you from giving people false expectations and bad training advice. Plus, knowing their aspiration from the beginning will give you a better idea on how to train them.

Trainer Tip Team

Be honest with your clients!

Trainer Tip #2: Be honest

If people’s goals aren’t achievable then be honest and offer them a realistic solution that will motivate them instead. For example, if someone tells you they want to lose 100 lbs for their wedding in three months, advise them that this isn’t possible but you could help them lose 30 lbs and keep it off for good instead.

Trainer Tip #3: Be sensitive

It’s true, trainers aren’t traditionally known as sensitive souls, but remember you are dealing with personal issues so you need to take an empathetic approach. Even if someone has completely realistic expectations, let them down gently, don’t be patronizing and try to provide them with an alternative solution.

Trainer Tip #4: Don’t offer quick-fix solutions

Now you might be one of the best trainers in the world, but you probably wouldn’t be able to turn every one of your clients into a bodybuilder in a matter of months.

Being honest about how long outcomes will take may not initially attract the same wave of clients as the guy who’s promising a six-pack in a week, but people will soon realize that you are offering a sustainable program that will help them lead a happier life in the long run.

Trainer Tip #5: Don’t judge a book by its cover

On the other hand, some clients will be adamant that they can achieve what they want, and they might actually be right. Just because someone is overweight, or has a particular body shape, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to achieve their fitness goals.

The best way to find out what your client can do is through a fitness test, so you can identify strengths and weaknesses and create a custom training (like HIIT workouts) plan to develops their skills.


While these tips may seem like common sense, you’d be surprised how many trainers forget that they are dealing with real people. Follow these five rules and concentrate on helping your clients become fitter, healthier and full of life.

Author Bio
Sam Greenwood BioSam Greenwood has worked in the fitness industry for over 30 years and he has invented several pieces of equipment that are used in sports around the world. Sam is also the founder of Amaven, an online platform that helps Personal Trainers deliver better workouts based on their client’s strengths and weaknesses.

7 Reasons to Buy Into a Fitness Franchise

fitness franchise gym personal trainer man with weight lifting bar woman workout in crossfit exercise

Interested in a Fitness Franchise?

by Greg Nunan

If you want to become your own boss within the fitness industry, you have two options: start your own business or buy into a franchise business. Starting your own personal training business gives you complete control over every aspect of the business, but there are distinct advantages to buying into a franchise as well.

Here are 7 of the best reasons to buy into a gym franchise group:

1. Brand strength

When you start your own business you’re starting from scratch. Your professional reputation for past work might improve your ability to get work or sell products, but there is no comparison to the built in brand strength you get when you buy into a popular franchise business. So long as you select the right fitness franchise you can cash in big time on the reputation they’ve already built.

2. Franchise systems

A good franchise already has built in business systems that make it easy for you to keep everything organized and operate properly. Again, if you start your own business you will end up building these systems yourself, often through a time consuming process of trial and error.

Fitness Franchise3. Franchise culture

Not only will a good franchise have systems set up that make it easy for you to operate your business, they also have a support network you can communicate with. You can get solid advice from people who have been running the same franchise business you have for a longer period of time. This is invaluable, especially if you’ve never run a business before.

4. Financing is easier

Since a franchise already has an established reputation that will bring people in the door even if you do no marketing whatsoever, lenders are often more open to finance these businesses over others. If you’re going to be financing your business, you’ll probably get much better loan terms on a franchise purchase. Some franchise groups go as far as assisting with this. EFM Health Clubs franchises for example assist Franchisees to fund their equipment purchase over a four-year lease period. Many other gym franchises in Australia do the same. This cuts down upfront costs dramatically.

5. Training

Many franchises actually offer 1-4 weeks of training in their corporate offices when you initially purchase your franchise. This training walks you through every aspect of running the business. How in depth the training goes is largely dependent on the specific franchise.

6. Exclusive business area

Franchisors almost always require locations to be a certain distance apart from each other. This means that you have an area to do your business in and so does everyone else, eliminating the need to feel competitive with other franchise owners. This helps foster an excellent sense of community between you and other members of the franchise network.

7. Easier expansion

Buying a fitness franchise gives you a head start on building your business, making it easier to finance new locations and expand rapidly. As a member of the franchise network you may also be given first pick of any franchises being sold off by owners who plan to retire.


The unique qualities of a fitness franchise make it one of the easiest ways to become a successful fitness industry entrepreneur within a relatively short period of time, and these benefits carry on well past the initial years of your business.

Author Bio
Greg Nunan is an Australian-based small business expert. He has held positions of both Franchise and Franchisor within the Australian fitness industry. Nowadays he provides internet marketing services to small businesses and franchise groups via his Adelaide SEO company Winning Edge Digital.

Your Personal Training VOD Service: Making it Work

Personal Training VOD Service
by James Ruhle
Creator of GarageGymBuilder.com

We Breakdown Personal Training VOD Service:

Personal fitness trainers have always been limited by the number of hours in the day. Typically, they’ll rise before the dawn to meet their first client at 5:30, train a couple of clients before the workday kicks in, then have a relatively light day until the afternoon, where they’ll get three or four clients stretching into the late evening. The rapid advance in technology has the potential to revolutionize that long, limited pattern, freeing up both time and effort.

By embracing Video on Demand (VOD) as a platform to share their services with a far wider client market, personal trainers can dramatically increase their revenue while actually reducing their workload.

Let’s investigate just how a personal training VOD service can work for you . . .

  • You create a series of personal training videos that provide high quality content to your viewer.
  • You use a VOD service like www.expertory.com to upload your videos to your domain on either a subscription basis or on a per video rental basis.
  • You offer your clients additional services, such as live video, phone consultations and classes, all seamlessly integrated into your website.
  • You set your own pricing, set the duration of live and recorded videos and set how many listings you want to offer in your store.

As a certified personal trainer you have got skills that are needed by a growing segment of the community. More and more people are seeking qualified experts to help them to reclaim their bodies, build muscle and get in top shape. Offering your services face-to-face is great, but, for many people, it is simply too expensive.

For you, time limits you to only seeing so many clients in a day. Yet, by creating your own, professionally developed video training sessions you’ll be able to offer your expertise to a far wider market – in fact, a global market. No longer will you be limited by the 3 key drawbacks which stop 90% of personal trainers making a successful living . . .

  • Limited hours in the day
  • Limited geography
  • Excessive cost

With a personal training VOD service you are able to offer your training service to a broad spectrum of clients at the same time. Breaking beyond the one-to-one ratio will allow you the potential to offer a global clientele your services. You’ll also be opening up your services to a much broader market by providing training videos at a fraction of the cost of one to one sessions.

A personal training VOD service is far more user friendly for the client, opening up the opportunity to workout wherever they are, at whatever time is convenient to them any time. Studies also reveal that self efficacy and training consistency are increased with VOD workouts.  Of course, the lower price point that VOD allows also opens up your business to an entire new market who have been previously found personal training to be price prohibitive. For VOD to work for you, however, you need to be able to attract clientele. Here are 5 surefire ways to generate a steady stream of potential clients to your personal training VOD service.

Key Strategy No.1: Specialise on a Niche Market

The VOD training service opens up the training world to a potential client. They can now search the globe for a trainer with the specific skill set to match their specific needs. As a trainer that affords you the opportunity to differentiate yourself by specialising in a niche market.

Why be just another all round trainer when you can establish yourself as the industry leader in a specific area of training? Maybe you’ve got a background in rugby. Set yourself up as an elite rugby strength and conditioning coach. There are hundreds of personal trainers out there, but how many are specifically focused on rugby – a game with a huge worldwide player base? Establish yourself as the expert in this niche and you will have a lucrative corner of the market all to yourself.

Key Strategy No. 2: Promote Your Uniqueness

When a potential client googles VOD personal trainers, what is going make them pause and check you out? What have you got that’s different, unique or special? Grab a pen right now and list three things that you’ve got that are points of difference. Then rewrite each one as a benefit for the client. You also need to make effective use of client testimonials that are directly relatable to your target niche. Display them prominently on your website, ideally in the form of short video clips.

Key Strategy No. 3:  Give Away Something of Value

Once you’ve drawn a potential client to your website, you have got to provide him with a compulsion to take the next step. The incentive to do so should be in the form of an information product that he will find simply irresistible. If you are establishing yourself as a basketball trainer, for example, giving away a  training program called “How To Power Dunk in 6 Weeks” will generate a whole lot of clicks. If that course contains the goods, you will establish credibility in the mind of the reader. He’ll be eager to see what else you can do to help him.

Key Strategy No. 4: Viral Marketing

Personal Training VOD Service TechDevelop a guerilla marketing mindset. Hook into all of the social media platforms that are out there. Hone in on your market niche and spread the word that you are the go to personal trainer for that area of training. Offer training advice and tips through social media outlets.

Provide free seminars, do guest blogs and webinairs. Contact everyone involved in the niche area that you can think of, offering them something of value for free. Set up fun and engaging online contests, making them as interactive as possible. For example, if you have given away the Power Dunk course, invite subscribers to post a video of themselves dunking a ball on completion of the course. Give away a 12 month training package to the best one.

Key Strategy No. 5: Give Away the First Workout Free of Charge

New clients will naturally be unsure about whether you will be a good fit for them. So, take away that uncertainty by providing the first session free of charge. Then make sure that your initial video rocks their world. Give them more than they expected. Cram it with practical tips and advice that will get them raving about you and your service. Start the client on a process that they will be excited about. Get them taking the first step on a journey that will take them to their destination faster, more effectively, and with more fun, than anything they’ve come across before. Do it well and the client will be signing on a for a full package before the sweat dries.

Key strategy No. 6: Recommend products that you can get a commission off of

Every personal trainer has a list of products they love to work with, and each of those products will typically be interested in some sort of partnership or commission based structure. Reach out to your favorite products and ask what type of deals they can set up with personal trainers. You can recommend at home workout gear, protein supplements, and even fashion accessories if you think your clientele might like that.

Bringing It Together

The best VOD service in the world is only as good as the platform that supports it. There is nothing worse than putting in all of the work to create an on point service only to be let down by technology. Your VOD platform must be professional and reliable. Fortunately, there are a number of professional VOD services that have proven themselves already in the personal training space. Here are three of the best . . .

Click on over to find  a VOD provider who can get you – and your clients – moving ahead.

Author Bio
Jim JacksonIf you enjoyed this article you can see a lot more like it at my site, GarageGymBuilder.com, where I write about my experiences as a personal fitness instructor and publish guides on products I like and workout routines that I feel can be extremely effective.

Personal Trainer Tips

personal trainer tips

Personal Trainer Tips to Implement Today!

Becoming a personal trainer is one of the most rewarding careers available because it literally helps you change your clients lives! That should be ALMOST enough reward in itself to become a personal trainer, right?

The good personal trainers out there are the ones that help their clients get results. These results don’t have to happen after the first 3 sessions – they can take months to achieve correctly. But what are some tips you can employ from the get-go to help you become a better personal trainer? What are some personal trainer tips you can implement? We break down our foundational 5 personal trainer tips to help you get started:

Be Preventative

If you want your clients to be get results in the long run (and trust you in general) you better keep them healthy. What we mean by this, is make sure to prevent injuries by always paying close attention to form. Just looking away for a few reps can result in sloppy form which can cause an injury. An injury can set your client back months or make them quit altogether.

Stress Patience

When many people hire a personal trainer they think it’s going to be easy. The weight will just fall off because my trainer is a guru, but that’s definitely not true. While you can help them lose weight quicker, if you do it correctly (not starving them or over-training) it will still take time. Make sure they realize this and make sure they are truly committed to their goals!

Be Involved

Once your client heads out the door doesn’t mean that will be the last time you see or talk to them until the next session. The good trainers are involved and are actually friends with their clients. When you build friendship and trust with your clients you are truly committed to their success. Plus, just dropping them a note or text to help them stay motivated on the weekend is a great way to keep the success rolling!

Make It Fun

Yeah, I’d definitely want to come to an exercise session if it was nothing but commands and doing mountain climbers the entire time… not! Make the sessions fun, change it up, keep the client motivated! Make exercise fun (to an extent) and they will continue to come back for more!


Have you ever been in a gym and seen a trainer gazing off into the distance while their client is going through the reps? This happens more then you think and is a sign of a bad or just distracted trainer. We all have a bunch of stuff on our minds but make sure to focus on your client for the entire session. They paid their hard-earned money for your focus so they deserve it!


There you have it – our top 5 personal trainer tips to live by! Focus, prevent, stress patience, get involved and just be fun! Combine these 5 personal trainer tips and you will be a great personal trainer!

Personal Trainer Jobs: Finding Your First

When it comes to personal trainer jobs it can be relatively straight forward. You can either decide to be an independent contractor so to speak where you are your own company in which you decide your rates and where you train. This can either be at home training or you can work a deal out with a local gym (in exchange for a fee) to use their facilities.  You find more about becoming a independent personal trainer HERE.

personal trainer jobs

You can also start to cultivate your writing career with your experience. Many blogs accept articles from respected, credible trainers.

The majority of the personal trainers jobs out there are where you work at a gym (there are hundreds of other options as well but these are the typical personal trainer jobs). The beauty of working at a gym is that you don’t necessarily have to start from scratch and get your own clients. You also don’t have to furnish the equipment either buy may still want to get insured (especially if you are an independent trainer).

If you want to work for a local gym, one way to simply enter your zip code in our easy to use Personal Trainer Job page and you will get a ton of results of jobs near you! Another way to find a job is to contact the gyms or fitness clubs in your area and simply ask them if they have an openings available.

There are so many personal trainer jobs out there that the sky is the limit. Start small and build your way up to a great career by becoming a personal trainer.

Once again check out our personal trainer jobs page!

Independent Or Dependent Personal Trainer?

What type of fitness trainer do you want to be?

After getting certified to be a personal / fitness trainer you can either become an independent or dependent trainer. Basically what we mean by this is either you work for a gym (dependent), work as a contractor at a gym (independent), or simply run your own training business outside of a franchised gym (independent). All have many advantages and a few disadvantages. Let’s take a look at of these fitness trainer options:

Fitness Trainer

Dependent Fitness Trainer

Trainers referred to here as “dependent trainers” work for a gym. Some of the biggest benefits of working for a gym is that you don’t have to furnish your own equipment and space, which can save you a lot of money! Also, the gym you work for can usually help you get new clients which can significantly up your income, especially when you are just starting out as a trainer! Being a dependent trainer is a good way to start your career!

A few disadvantages of being a dependent trainer is you don’t get to make your own hours or just be your own boss. You may have to work weekends and usually have to perform other tasks not completely related to personal training (answering phones, customer service, cleaning…etc). Likewise, a percentage of your earnings from your training sessions goes back to the gym!

Independent Fitness Trainer

Trainers referred to here as “independent fitness trainers” work for themselves. Easily the biggest advantage of being an independent trainer is that you are your own boss and answer to no one (except maybe your clients). You get to make your own hours, charge what you want to charge (as long as people will pay it), and keep 100% of what you make (minus taxes).

The disadvantages are that you sometimes have to furnish the equipment and space (unless you are a contractor in which you basically lease the gyms equipment and space for a fee but are not a gym employee). Likewise, you have to take care of everything from marketing to sales. It can be really hard starting out but can be very rewarding if you can stick with it!


Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. More often than not, most fitness trainers start out by working at a gym as a dependent trainer. As you build up your experience and following you can convert over to being an independent trainer! The choice is yours but the rewards and income all depend on the time and hard-work you put in.

Image Credit: www.kansas-city-yoga.com

3 Advantages of Being a Personal Trainer

Benefits of being a personal trainer:

There are many advantages of being a  personal trainer (money aside). These include being your own boss or changing your client’s lives! There are a lot of advantages to being in this profession but here are three of biggies:

Benefits of being a personal trainer

  1. Personally, you can stay healthy – A big advantage of being a trainer is that your own personal health can be of the up most importance. This is because you are constantly around the proper equipment that can allow for you to conveniently workout usually whenever you want. Another reason to be at your optimal health is because it will potentially attract more clients! People want to workout with people that are in shape, not people that are out of shape. Would you rather workout with a personal trainer that was is in shape or out of shape?
  2. You get to change your client’s lives – This is one of the biggest benefits of being a personal trainer. There is nothing better then seeing someone get interested in becoming fit and accomplishing their goals. As Booker T. Washington said, “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” This holds true when it comes to being a personal trainer, motivate others and you will also motivate yourself.
  3. Be your own boss – Lastly, you get to work on your own terms and be your own boss if you so choose. Being a trainer allows you to choose whether you want to work for a gym, online organizations (like Team BeachBody…etc.) or work from home. The choice is yours! This provides you the freedom to either be your own boss or it allows you to work for a respected gym that steers clients your way.

There are a ton of advantages of being a personal trainer! Benefits of being a personal trainer include changing people’s lives and it gives you the time to be as healthy as possible! It truly is motivating and allows you to be involved in one of the most rewarding careers there is! Do you need more benefits of being a personal trainer? Nope, well let’s get started!

Become a Personal Trainer after High School

One great way to start a career out of High School is to become a certified personal trainer. Becoming a personal trainer offers you a relatively laid-back way to start a full-time rewarding career or allows you the ability to make some income on the side during college.

paul w

Why becoming a personal trainer is ideal

Once you have graduated High School you now meet a majority of the requirements to become a personal trainer, considering you are probably 18 years or older and now have a high school diploma. You will need to become CPR/AED certified but that will take no time at all (for information click here: How to Become CPR/AED Certified). Another reason for becoming a personal trainer right out of high school is that you will more than likely find employment really quickly!

Employment Opportunities:

With the economy still recovering, finding employment for young relatively “unskilled” individuals can be hard. When it comes to being a certified personal trainer, there are ample employment opportunities no matter your age or experience level. As the growing obesity problem escalates, there will always be a need for fitness professionals. In fact CNN estimated that the fitness industry will increase by 24% over the next ten years! Not only that but since 2005 the average personal trainer salary for a personal trainer has increased by 19%. The opportunities are increasing right along with the salaries!

Some average salaries for personal trainers are:

Personal Trainer Salary in Texas: $33,000
Personal Trainer Salary in New York: $41,000
Personal Trainer Salary in Kansas: $32,000
Personal Trainer Salary in Missouri: $35,000
Personal Trainer Salary in California: $39,000
Personal Trainer Salary in Florida: $33,000

Those salaries aren’t too bad at all for only having a high school diploma and personal trainer certification, right?

Grow your career!

If you decide to go to college, being certified allows you the flexibility to work on or off campus in your free time to make extra income. It can even be a way to develop your own fitness empire! For instance, Dustin Maher during college started working at his campus gym, eventually training clients. This developed (after a lot of hard work) into him becoming a published author, blogger, appearing on TV regularly, and owning ten fitness locations!

What is it going to cost me?

A very important question for people right out of High School is the certification costs because many people are strapped for cash. A certification program can range in cost from $299 all the way to $699 with course duration ranging from 3-4 days (live workshops)  all the way to a year (self-paced programs). The main thing is to figure out the correct program format and the organization for you!

Give it a chance

Being a personal trainer could be a great way for you to make some extra money on the side or it could be your gateway to eventually owning your own gym. The choice really is yours. This expanding industry offers ample opportunity to succeed and it offers a great chance to make a difference by changing people’s lives! What are you waiting for?

Image Credit: Paul-W on Flickr

Personal Trainer Multiple Choice Exam Breakdown

study guide

When it comes to studying for the multiple-choice section of the personal trainer exam you can expect the tests to be roughly broken down the same. Although the sections may be named differently or combined due to differences in programs, you can expect the multiple choice exam to be weighted to whatever the program deems more important. Check with your chosen organizations to get the exam breakdown. Here are two example exam breakdowns:

NCSFtable      AFAA table