Becoming a Personal Trainer

Thinking about becoming a personal trainer?

Want to be a personal fitness trainer? Want to become a PT? If you love exercising and want to share your knowledge and make a career out of it (or even just on the side) you may want to consider getting certified as a personal fitness trainer. Being certified by an accredited organization allows you to pass on your knowledge and make a nice salary in the process.

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CNN Money in a 2012 ranking, ranked being as personal trainer as the 18th best job in America with the median personal trainer salary around $56,000. Of course, this personal trainer salary is location dependent. Nevertheless there is a very high demand with a 24% estimated growth in the industry over the next 10 years and it could be a perfect fit for you. So does the personal trainer salary and becoming a personal trainer still sound like an awesome gig? To become a personal trainer the most common form is in group classes or in a self-paced at home course:

Group workshops: Group workshops normally occur over multiple days in which the entire program is taught to the class. The benefits of group training is that you can get the entire course in only a few days and not have to worry about making yourself study like you have with self-paced courses (more on that later). Also you can interact one-on-one with a certified trainer that can answer any questions you may have and watch examples first-hand. On the flip-side, you have to worry about the massive amount of material dropped on you in a short period of time. Some other workshop options are webinars which are basically the live group workshop broadcasted to multiple locations.

Self-paced courses: There are two options when it comes to self paced courses, some organizations offer online content and others only give you hard, physical materials. Until recently there were not many accredited online courses although there were self taught courses. The beauty of these courses is that you don’t have to travel to take a group course and can take it at your own pace from the luxury of your own home. The downside is that you don’t get the one-on-one in person interaction with a trainer (although you do have review sessions with a trainer via webcam in some cases).

For both of these options it is a very wise decision to buy all the class materials which is only optional in many instances. Buy the materials and spend the extra money to get the actual book, study guides, and practice tests. Study guides and practice tests are very helpful and should be filled out before the group classes to make it easier on you. The practice tests are very crucial as well when it comes to the online course.

Important Reminders

Becoming a personal trainer is a awesome, rewarding experience. There are many other similar accredited organizations that also offer personal trainer certification and I will cover some of these in later articles! Whichever certification you choose, find one that you are comfortable with it and is the right fit for you on your way to becoming a personal trainer.

Make sure to utilize the study materials and fill out the study guide completely and take the practice test! The benefits of being a personal trainer are enormous! It is a relatively stress free job that is satisfying and very rewarding! So do you want to become a PT? Let’s get started!

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