Become a Personal Trainer after High School

One great way to start a career out of High School is to become a certified personal trainer. Becoming a personal trainer offers you a relatively laid-back way to start a full-time rewarding career or allows you the ability to make some income on the side during college.

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Why becoming a personal trainer is ideal

Once you have graduated High School you now meet a majority of the requirements to become a personal trainer, considering you are probably 18 years or older and now have a high school diploma. You will need to become CPR/AED certified but that will take no time at all (for information click here: How to Become CPR/AED Certified). Another reason for becoming a personal trainer right out of high school is that you will more than likely find employment really quickly!

Employment Opportunities:

With the economy still recovering, finding employment for young relatively “unskilled” individuals can be hard. When it comes to being a certified personal trainer, there are ample employment opportunities no matter your age or experience level. As the growing obesity problem escalates, there will always be a need for fitness professionals. In fact CNN estimated that the fitness industry will increase by 24% over the next ten years! Not only that but since 2005 the average personal trainer salary for a personal trainer has increased by 19%. The opportunities are increasing right along with the salaries!

Some average salaries for personal trainers are:

Personal Trainer Salary in Texas: $33,000
Personal Trainer Salary in New York: $41,000
Personal Trainer Salary in Kansas: $32,000
Personal Trainer Salary in Missouri: $35,000
Personal Trainer Salary in California: $39,000
Personal Trainer Salary in Florida: $33,000

Those salaries aren’t too bad at all for only having a high school diploma and personal trainer certification, right?

Grow your career!

If you decide to go to college, being certified allows you the flexibility to work on or off campus in your free time to make extra income. It can even be a way to develop your own fitness empire! For instance, Dustin Maher during college started working at his campus gym, eventually training clients. This developed (after a lot of hard work) into him becoming a published author, blogger, appearing on TV regularly, and owning ten fitness locations!

What is it going to cost me?

A very important question for people right out of High School is the certification costs because many people are strapped for cash. A certification program can range in cost from $299 all the way to $699 with course duration ranging from 3-4 days (live workshops)  all the way to a year (self-paced programs). The main thing is to figure out the correct program format and the organization for you!

Give it a chance

Being a personal trainer could be a great way for you to make some extra money on the side or it could be your gateway to eventually owning your own gym. The choice really is yours. This expanding industry offers ample opportunity to succeed and it offers a great chance to make a difference by changing people’s lives! What are you waiting for?

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