What Is Become A Personal Trainer HQ?

U.S. Army Europe ImagesBecome A Personal Trainer HQ offers a complete and thorough review on how to become a personal trainer through the best accredited organizations. With information on how to choose a accredited organization, how to become certified, tips for the certification process, and information on how to finally land that first gig or start your own business.

The fitness industry is exploding and growing rapidly as the American waistline has exploded. But the wheels of change are apparent. People are starting to wake up and realize they need to change their life and improve their health, that is why the personal training niche is rapidly expanding (estimated 24% over the next 10 years). With the spread of scientific information and research the public has started to realize health is one of the best prescriptions for what ails them, that’s where you come in.

Improving the lives of your fellow man not only is a great way to make a living but is extremely satisfying. You literally get to change someone’s life and be there during all the trials and tribulations! What more could you want?

Before I got certified as a personal trainer I was really confused on what organization to choose and what was so good about an “accredited” organization in the first place. I talked to a couple friends who were personal trainers and they helped me along the way! I want to repay the favor and help you wade through all the bull out there!

Here at Become A Personal Trainer HQ we are here for you and will help you in any way we can on your personal training journey!

Why Are We Unique?

We are here to guide you on your fitness journey. Although, there is a lot of information about each accredited organization or school on their own respective site, there isn’t really a comprehensive site to help you pick an organization and also help you land a job or start your own business! We will help you on all angles of the certification and getting a job!

We are literally your one-stop shop for getting certified and changing peoples lives!

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